Saturday, April 24, 2010

Biting Off More Than I Can Chew.

Its been a year, eight months, and 12 days since I moved to Vancouver. In that time I have lived in the Downtown East Side, Kitsilano and now the Independent Republic of Southvanistan (the IRSV for short), as well as many weeks in sublets and weekly suites. I've worked in 4 restaurants and been unemployed for almost as long as I've been employed. I've had a bike and a laptop stolen, and I lost a love.  I've made many  friends, some of whom I've neglected to my disadvantage. I've been at the highest of highs and the lowest of lows in this city and its been a pretty rough ride but I just can't seem to leave. I think I have a pretty good idea why.

Food. Food is the reason I stay here. I love food, think about it all the time. When I see food all I can think of is its genesis. Every aspect fascinates me, from planting to the growth of the vegetables, grains and meats through the entire supply chain to finally end up on the dinner table. When  I sit and wonder about the cooking process, the pairings, the plating, the spectacle of it all, it consumes me. There is little else that can take my attention.  Thats why I've chosen to start this blog.

The Main Street Project is something I've been sort of throwing around in my head and telling people about for a little while now. I'm not sure where it came from. I think it was just an amorphous idea that slowly got fleshed out over the last 4 months as Main Street became my neighborhood. The short and skinny of it is this: visit every restaurant on main street from marine drive to the ports. Highly ambitious, I know. There are a hell of a lot of restaurants on this street and chances are I won't end up going to every one but I remain optimistic. Also, chances are at some point during the project restaurants will close and others will open in their place, which means this project will forever remain unfinished. I guess that means I'll always have something to write about.

 I want this blog to be not just about the food or the restaurant but the whole experience of eating. It is the most basic of instincts, something we do every day and it is something that we all share. Along with my reviews I'm going to try and write about my philosophy on food. I promise to do my best to not be pretentious or pedantic. I apologize in advance because chances are I'll break that promise. 

I hope you'll forgive me.